Workshop & Event

(Events below are scheduled before COVD-19. I hope those evens will happen but uncertain at the moment. )


Dharma Yoga Workshops, Graz, Austria

September 26(Sat) –  27(Sun)

Venue: Feel Free Yoga – Albrechtgasse 9, 8010 Graz

Sat/9:00-12:00 Master Class & Kirtan – Dharma Yoga Workshop

Sat/15:00-18:00 Back Bending & Heart Opening – Dharma Yoga Workshop

Sun/10:00-13:00 Maha Sadhana, the great practice – Dharma Yoga Workshop

price: Each class: €39 (Early bird until 6th of September) | €49 regular | €36 as part of ‘all 3-bundle’


*These workshops can be booked individually or as bundle and are suitable for all levels (but not complete beginners) as we will work from fundamentals through to more advanced options – so no matter where you are in your yoga journey there will something for everyone!

Description of each class

Master Class & Kirtan

This class starts with healing mantras to purify the mind and heart, then moves on to asana practice to strengthen the physical body and mind, and closes with Kirtan (call-and-response chanting).

In this class, students will be given more challenging poses and variations to discover their hidden abilities. The aim is for students to practice letting go of their expectations and accept and control their thoughts and emotions. This will strengthen the mind against obstacles and open the heart to reveal our purest, almost child-like qualities. The asana practice will be concluded with guided relaxation to rejuvenate and recharge the physical and mental system. Master class is followed by a short Kirtan. Kirtan is one of devotional practices common to the Bhakti Yoga, and it has been practiced regularly with a master of Yogi, Sri Dharma Mittra in Dharma Yoga Center NYC. Through the chanting, you practice Dharana (concentration) in a way that is pleasant and demands little effort, and it becomes meditation when the concentration is uninterrupted. Chanting gives pleasure to the mind, and at the same time, opens and purifies the heart. Chanting with devotion will cultivate reverence and love. It is great to sing with your Sangha (community of like-minded individuals), you become absorbed in the communal endeavour, and connected to others and The Inner-Self.

The class is open to all who are ready for an opportunity to take their practice to the next level by pushing their physical and mental limitations in a guided, nurturing environment.

Back Bending & Heart Opening

The class starts with mantras and a short Pranayama to purify and open the mind and heart. Then students would move into asana. First they will warm up with the regular Dharma Yoga Shiva Namaskara Vinyasa sequence then students will move into asana that will improve and deepen students’ back bends in a safe, enjoyable way. Students will be taught how to use the wall and props to stretch and strengthen their backbends and open their hearts, receive safe adjustments from the teacher, and will be introduced to some backbend variations. The final guided relaxation will create inner and outer equilibrium.

Maha Sadhana, the great practice

This practice is following the teachings of Sri Dharma Mittra, a renowned living master of yoga, whose wisdom is based on love and compassion. Sri Dharma Mittra has been offering Maha Sadhana monthly in New York, and Emi is offering similar experiences to the students in Europe.

This class consists of pranayama (breathing practices) to calm the mind and stimulate the chakras, healing mantra to purify mind and heart, asana practice to strengthen physical body and mind, guided deep relaxation to rejuvenate and recharge the physical and mental system. Additionally students will experience a joyous Dharma Yoga signature Asana Satsang Jam to offer practice, to open and purify the heart, and to be connected to others and The Inner Self.

All these yogic techniques are based on the teachings and practice of Sri Dharma Mittra. The essential qualities of his teachings will be imparted to the students throughout the class. This. Modifications and variations will be given to make the asana practice accessible to all, so as to enjoy our time together.


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