Dharma Yoga Wheel

Dharma Yoga wheel which Sri Dharma Mittra originally created is an amazing prop, and it’s safe and easy to use. This wheel is suitable and helpful to all levels of practitioners, from beginners to Advance practitioners, even someone doesn’t practice yoga can use it to release tentions and stiffness from their backs and shoulders. I strongly recommend you to have one at home. 😊❤️🕉🙏

〜 Purchase options & Price details 〜
Option 1
Email me. I’ll givr you details to order, and you get your wheel shipped to home.
They are normally £75 + shipping (£10 or less for normal shipping method in the UK.

Option 2
Go to Indaba Yoga Marylebone. Buy your favourite colour and take it home. Dharma Yoga Classic Wheel is normally sold at £80 at Indaba.

If you have any question or need help, feel free to contact me.
👉 emi@lifetohappiness.com

If you want to try it out first, all my classes has at least one Dharma Yoga wheel to support your practice. So you can come and try it.