~❤️~ NOTICE ~❤️〜

Coming Monday 16 & 23 November 2020,  I have to change evening class time. The evening online class via Emitullonline will be 6-7:30pm just for 2 weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience! ❤️🕉🙏🙏🙏

🌟 Weekly schedule from 5th November  🌟

All classes are online from 5 November 2020. Please note that Sunday schedule and Monday evening class time have changed. All classes are London time (GMT+0). Please book studio classes via studio websites (if you click the class below, you should be sent to their website). Keep up with your practice even online. We can keep our hearts close to each other. Let me know if you need extra support (mail to emi@lifetohappiness.com ) . I hope to see you on my screen very soon. 🥰💕🙏

Emitull online:

(Booking) https://forms.gle/6bqXHAiCozEkzYkc8

(Email) emitullonline@gmail.com .

Please book classes hosted by yoga studios from their timetable/ booking page.


(booking) https://indabayoga.com/online-timetable

(Email) welcome@indabayoga.com


(Booking) https://www.yogarise.london/timetable-book-now/

(Email) peckham@yogarise.london


(Booking): https://triyoga.co.uk/

(Last updated: 1 September 2020)


I have just received some of new strap sets which I have been using in my classes from @mamakuka in the US. As all my students know, these have been so helpful to get flexible, especially in back bending. I strongly suggest you to have your own, as for the current situation. It will also help you when you practice with me online. I only have several packs for each colour (Earth Child: the colour set I use in class and Soul Shine: brighter cute colour set which you can see in the photo). The package has a pair of all 4 sizes plus useful cotton bag to keep them together. Mama Kuka owner kindly offered discount for you to save a part of shopping + 10% discount, altogether you should be able to save $13.50 USD. If you can come to one of studios I teach and pick up, please PM me or email me at emi@lifetohappiness.com . I’ll give you the discount code to order and we can arrange for you to pick up the straps straight away. I hope this helps for your practice. 🥰🕉❤️🙏.


Financial Support Offer

If you wish to practise with me online, but have struggled to do so due to financial difficulty, please send an email to emi@lifetohappiness.com with a brief description of your situation (e.g. what you are able to afford, how often you would like to practise), and I would be happy to offer you a discounted 5 class pack, which can be used for any of the classes I host online.

(For emails requesting financial assistance, please put “Financial Support” in the subject line to help us with administration. Please note that I am unable to offer discounts for classes hosted by yoga studios.)

(Last update: 4 November 2020)


Dharma Yoga Online Teacher Training 2021 dates announced 🙏


Winter 2021 Online 200hr DY LOAY TT:

January 25-30, February 1-6 & 8-10

Summer 2021 Online 200hr DY LOAY TT:
June 14-19, 21-26 & 28-30

2021 Online 500hr DY LOAY TT:
Module I: July 27-31 and August 2-7 & 9
Module II: October 5-9, 11-16 & 18

Let me know if you have questions or need support. 💕🕉🙏


 (Last edited on: 8 November  2020)