~🌻~ NOTICE ~🌻

Dear Yogis,

I’m very honoured to announce that I have been awarded a grant through Liforme’s Covid-19 Yoga Support Fund. I am humbled and grateful to those who nominated me and chose me as a recipient, and to those who have contributed to the initiative.

I know you have many options for classes and teachers, especially now with online classes being available from all over the world, so I am feeling extra gratitude for you who keep practising with me and supporting me. Thank you so much.

I want to use the grant money to help students that have been financially impacted by the crisis. If you or someone you know wishes to practise with me online, but have struggled to do so due to financial difficulty, please send an email to emi@lifetohappiness.com with a brief description of your situation (e.g. what you are able to afford, how often you would like to practise), and I would be happy to offer you a discounted 5 class pack, which can be used for any of the classes I host online. I hope to be able to support as many people as possible through this tough time and will continue to offer assistance until funds run out.

(For emails requesting financial assistance, please put “Financial Support” in the subject line to help us with administration. Please note that I am unable to offer discounts for classes hosted by yoga studios, like Indaba and Yogarise.)

Additionally, I plan to offer some free classes to show my appreciation and to support the global Dharma yoga community. All class details will be posted on my website and social media channels closer to the date, but here are the ones I have planned so far and wish to invite you to attend:

(This workshop will include asana practice, pranayama, a short talk about yogic teachings, and kirtan. Students are encouraged to join for the entire workshop, but can also attend just the parts that they are interested in and able to. I’ll post a schedule for this purpose, but of course this will be only a rough estimate, as sometimes I run over…)
You will be able to book through the usual registration form. These will be free and open to the public, so please invite your friends and family 🙂
I look forward to serving you,


My weekly online schedule from 14 May 

Mon 10-11:30am (Emi’s online)

Mon 6-7:30pm  (Emi’s online)

Tue 3-4:30pm (Indaba)

Tue 5-5:30pm Kirtan/chanting (Indaba)

Tue 6-7:30pm (Emi’s online)

Wed 10-11:30am  (Emi’s online)

Wed 6-7:30pm (Indaba)

Wed 8-9pm Pranayama & Yoga Nidra (Indaba)

Thu 5:30-7pm  (Emi’s online)

Thu 7:15-8pm Free add on spiritual class  (Emi’s online)

Fri 10-11:30am (Yogarise)

Fri 6:30-8pm  (Indaba)

Sat 9:30-11am (Emi’s online)

Sat 12:30-2:30pm Dharma Master class (Emi’s online)

Sun 10-12pm Dharma asana+ spiritual class (Emi’s online)

 As I only  have one person helping fir admin / booking, it will be very helpful if you can book and pay at least a couple hours before the class time. If you couldn’t make to the class, email us, so we can keep your credit on your file. 🥰💕 Thank you.   🥰🕉🙏

85359E2C-EBD6-4163-843F-12186C912858For the classes I’m hosting (Emi’s Online Classes)

Emi’s online:
(Booking) https://forms.gle/6bqXHAiCozEkzYkc8

(Email) emitullonline@gmail.com .

Please book classes hosted by yoga studios from their timetable/ booking page.


(booking) https://indabayoga.com/online-timetable

(Email) welcome@indabayoga.com


(Booking) https://www.yogarise.london/timetable-book-now/

(Email) peckham@yogarise.london

Last updated: 13 May 2020

〜 🇫🇷 〜 🇫🇷 〜 🇫🇷 〜 🇫🇷 〜 🇫🇷 〜 🇫🇷 〜 🇫🇷 〜
Dharma Yoga Workshop in Paris, France 
June 20 (Sat) – 21 (Sun)
Details: TBA
Sri Dharma Mittra is coming to Amsterdam!! ❤️❤️❤️🕉🙏
July 24-26, 2020


Workshop in London, UK 💕
August 2 (Sun) 1:30-4:30pm Maha Sadhana with Emi Tull @Indaba Yoga London, UK

〜 🇦🇹〜 🇦🇹 〜🇦🇹〜 🇦🇹 〜 🇦🇹 〜  🇦🇹〜 🇦🇹 〜

Dharma Yoga Workshops, Graz, Austria

September 26(Sat) –  27(Sun)



Dharma Yoga Teacher Training dates in 2020🙏

Dharma Yoga Teacher Training in 2020!! All the training will be held in NYC. Let me know if you have questions or need support!

200 Hour: Jan 31st – Feb 9th 2020
200 Hour: July 3rd-12th 2020
500 Hour: First Module Aug 9 – 16th and Second Module Oct 18-25th 2020
700/1000 Hour: April 26 – May 3rd 2020


 (Last edited on: 4 March 2020)