~🌻~ NOTICE ~🌻

〜December Schedule change〜

Fri 13 Dec: all my classes are covered by other lovely Dharma teachers

Mon 23 Dec: I teach 10am@yogarise CG & 4:30pm @Triyoga Chelsea. Evening class (7:45pm) @yogarise CG is cancelled.

Tue 24 Dec: I teach 3:30pm @Triyoga Shoreditch. The evening class (7:45pm) @Indaba is cancelled.

Wed 25 Dec: I don’t teach any class.

Thu26 Dec: I don’t teach but my morning Dharma yoga class (10:15am) is covered by a lovely Dharma teacher. Evening class at Indaba is cancelled.

Fri 27 Dec: I’ll teach mining class (10am) @Yogarise CG as well as free chanting class from 11:45am. I’ll also teach 2:30pm class @Triyoga Camden. The evening classes at Infaba (pranayama and Dharma yoga) are cancelled due to the seasonal studio closure.

Sat 28 Dec: I teach as usual. Both 11:45am @Triyoga Chelsea and 2:45pm @Indaba are on schedule.
29 Sun Dec: I teach as usual. Both 9am and 11:30am classes @Yogarise CG are on schedule.

Mon 30 Dec: I teach all classes. 10am @yogarise CG, 4:30pm @Triyoga Chelsea and 7:45pm @Yogarise are on.

Tue 31 Dec: I teach 3:30pm @Triyoha Shoreditch. This will be the final class with me the year. The 7:45pm class at Indaba is cancelled.

Wed 1 Jan: I don’t teach any class in New Year’s Day.

I’ll teach all my regular classes as usual from Thursday 2 January 2020!


Dharma Yoga Teacher Training dates in 2020

Dharma Yoga Teacher Training in 2020!! All the training will be held in NYC. Let me know if you have questions or need support!

200 Hour: Jan 31st – Feb 9th 2020
200 Hour: July 3rd-12th 2020
500 Hour: First Module Aug 9 – 16th and Second Module Oct 18-25th 2020
700/1000 Hour: April 26 – May 3rd 2020



 Workshop in Italy, Naples ❤️


February 15 (Sat) – 16 (Sun) Dharma Yoga Workshops in Naples, Italy 🇮🇹 

Sat/15/Feb 9:00-12:00 Master Class & Kirtan

Sat/15/Feb 15:00-18:00 Back Bending & Heart Opening

Sun/16/Feb 10:00-13:00 Maha Sadhana, the great practice





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